To create a new user account on the service Expodat need to pass a few simple steps.

To recover the password on the account, please go to «Reset Password».

Enter the email address provided in the registration and click «Send».

Only an authorized user can create a page of the organization. If you have an account on the service Expodat, you must sign up.

The button «Add company» is available for the authorized users and located in the upper part of the page.

User access rights to the organization page are assigned by the user with rights «Creator» or «Administrator» of the organization in the module «The rights of participants»1 on page of the organization.

Only users with the «Creator» or «Administrator» rights are able to add and edit goods and services of the organization.

This mobile app expands the opportunities of using the Expodat services. It allows visitors to access the items they are interested in: products, services, contacts and other information no matter where they are or what time it is.